Asia I.T. Component business:

The company started humbly about 15 years ago by supplying laptop parts and laptop repair services. Then about 5 years ago, we acquired a totally new business, which is high quality solar lights, the Akira Solar.

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The best warranty for Solar Lights:

With strong confidence, we provide up to 3 years warranty for our products:

3 years for the casing & solar Panel: 

  • Against corrosion and break down.

2 years for the LED & control board: 

  • We don’t repair these electronic parts but we will only send you NEW replacement parts.

1 year for the battery:

  • You may find that all other companies will only warranty their batteries for 6 months maximum, but we offer you 1 year. We use only LiFePO4 Li-ion battery packs which are meant to be long-lasting. 95% of our customers have used the same original battery for more than 4 years.

Small parts: 

  • Nuts, bolts and rubber caps, etc are subject to the maintenance of the user; therefore, we cannot warranty them. However, we charge a very reasonable price for them when needed, so don’t worry.