Solar Street Light 90W

RM280.00 RM220.00

90watt – Normal price RM280
(Now under promotion at RM220 only)



Product features:-

  • Long-life LED lights with ABS casing.
  • Zero electricity cost and able to light up for the whole night.
  • Automatic light on when it is dark & off when daylight comes.
  • High-capacity Li-FePO4 cells provide much longer battery life cycle.
  • Weather-proof structure with ABS casing & Polycarbonate LED cover.
  • 3-year warranty but it actually will last for years before you change any parts.
  • Easy installation to be fixed on the wall and expansion screws are provided. (Or we can refer the installer).
  • Intelligent light-control with motion sensor. (brightness is set at 30% during normal operation and becomes 100% when someone walks pass to trigger the motion sensor.)
  • It comes with wireless remote control.